About Our Therapy Services

Aloha, thank you for wanting to learn more about Serenity in Aiea, HI, Oahu and surrounding areas. Our therapy services are provided by the therapist listed on this page.

David Linares, LMHC

David is a published author and creator of the LifeWise Save My Marriage program. He has experience working with relationships, parenting, anger, stress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues across all ages. He focuses on helping couples (civilian or military) with, or without children, learn how to build healthier and happier relationships. David has held many titles before starting Serenity. He has worked in community health clinics, as the lead therapist for a psychiatric hospital with military, adult and child units, as clinical director for a state substance abuse facility, and a family counselor for the military.

‘Peace through knowledge’ is the company motto David created because a therapist’s goal is to help people discover new things about themselves, life, and what they can do to overcome the obstacles they face. By doing that, they can develop a peaceful mindset and find lasting happiness. The logo with the golden lotus flower represents peace and enlightenment, growing out of a book as a symbol of knowledge.

Life can be hard at times, and difficult circumstances are sometimes beyond our control, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With therapy, David can help you maintain a healthy balance in your life, discover new perspectives, set achievable goals, and make changes in your life to help you reach those goals. As a therapist, David wants to help you develop your overall well-being, including your physical and emotional wellness, to develop a healthier and happier you.

“For those single or married men out there, you may also enjoy reading my book because even if your married, you are always still dating your spouse.” A link to Davids’s book is provided below. For those who are unable to travel, you may want to try some self-help programs offered by Life Wise at the link below.

Natalia Matsumoto, LMFT 

Aloha, I am licensed in Hawaii as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Substance Abuse Counselor. With over 10 years of experience in the helping profession. I feel fortunate to assist my clients in healing and to help them experience joy, at various stages of their lives. Among the diversity of issues I work with, I have helped couples and families with transitions such as; moving, divorce, reconciliation, distress with school, work, health and financial hardships, and grief.

My experience includes helping military members and their families adjust and cope with the hardships of the military lifestyle. I also have experience working with victims of domestic violence. I have worked with individuals and their families battling addiction and those individuals and families struggling with persistent mental illness.

My passion is to bring my clinical and practical knowledge to help couples, families, and individuals experience life to the fullest and happiest extent possible. My therapeutic approach is integrative, personalized, and tailored to the unique needs and goals of my clients. I believe that therapy helps clients voice their strengths, needs, and concerns and enables them to build on their dreams and strengthen their connections in life. I utilize a variety of evidence-based techniques in my therapeutic journey with people in order to offer effective ways of dealing with life’s hardships and overcoming them.

Jennifer Bojanowski, LCSW

Aloha, I am licensed in Hawaii as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Genetic Counselor. With over 20 years of combined experience in genetic and mental health counseling, I am able to help my clients in a variety of areas. My main areas of professional experience and interest include assessment; individual, family, and group therapy; evidence-based mental health therapies (e.g., TF-CBT, DBT, multisystemic therapy, mindfulness-based, contingency management for substance dependency, narrative, life review), complementary therapies (e.g., art, poetry, horticulture, boxing, and other recreational therapies) and a more holistic approach to care. My many years as a genetic counselor help me to look at your current symptoms with a dual approach in a way that may allow me to approach your current mental health treatment in a new way.
I enjoy working with special populations and issues such as adolescents, parenting, substance abuse, incarceration and community re-entry, crisis intervention, end of life, grief and bereavement, Risking Connections® and trauma-informed care, genetic and chronic disability and illness, living with hereditary cancer, pregnancy and no much more. For more information on my areas of expertise and availability, please contact our office by the form found on this website or by calling our office.

Lori Waters, LMHC

Lori is a licensed mental health counselor in Hawaii with over 30 years of experience in counseling, child growth and development, eating disorders, and substance abuse. Lori is also a professor and adjunct faculty at Argosy University. Lori’s expertise in creating positive results to influence dramatic changes in diverse populations. Lorie provides individuals, couples, families, and group therapies. Lories’ favorite modalities of treatment include Multi-Systemic Therapy, Functional Family Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and hypnotherapy for the use of relaxation and anxiety reduction.

As a professor and school counselor, Lori has a special affinity for working with children and enjoys the use of play therapy with many of her clients, both young and old! Lori is a well-rounded therapist that has experience in a wide scope of treatment issues and modalities and tailors your treatment to meet your specific needs. With her holistic approach to care, don’t be surprised if she evaluates the impact of your diet on your health! For more information on my areas of expertise and availability, please contact our office by the form found on this website or by calling our office.

Aileen Playter, LMHC

Aileen was born and raised in Hawaii before moving to the mainland as a military spouse, raising a family, working in church ministry, and becoming a professional counselor. She has returned to her roots and the diverse cultures here in the islands. Her education and experiences have made her a compassionate and knowledgeable professional who has a passion for helping people achieve emotional, spiritual, and relational health. She has worked with adults and children dealing with depression, anxiety, grief, and trauma, as well as issues related to marriage, parenting, divorce recovery, and blended families. She also has experience with adults suffering from serious and persistent mental illness.

Aileen is a certified facilitator with Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts (SYMBIS) to do pre-marital counseling.

Her approach is person-centered, trauma-informed, and solution-focused, utilizing evidence-based modalities, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. It is Aileen’s passion to impart hope to those who may not be able to see a way through life’s challenges. Faith-based counseling is available upon request.

Dr. Lori Ferreira, LMHC, NCC

Aloha, I know that finding a therapist can be a daunting or intimidating task. My hope is this small introduction will make it easy for you to take your first step in nurturing your emotional wellbeing. I believe the most important aspect of therapy is the relationship between you and I. My goal is to make my clients feel safe and welcomed by creating a non-judgmental environment where people can be themselves.

A little about me, I am a locally born and raised Wahine.  I feel honored to be a of Native Hawaiian ancestry, and being able to share my aloha by working with people of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds. I received my Masters degree from Chaminade University in Counseling Psychology, and my Counseling and Psychology doctorate  degree from Argosy University. I have worked in the behavioral health field for 15+ year in various capacities.  My passion is working together with others to nurture their emotional welling.

My approach to therapy is integrative which allows for tailored evidence based techniques for your individual needs.  I have experience in treating a range of conditions including depression, self-esteem issues, relational problems, life transitions and trauma.utilizing evidence based techniques While I draw from a variety of therapeutic orientations, I find that I connect most with humanistic person-centered approach. My belief is that we all need help sometimes understanding the complexities of life. We have biological, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs that we are not always aware of. I am hopeful that we will work positively together to reach the goals that are important to you.

If you are ready to invest in yourself and nurture your emotional wellbeing, let’s talk about how I can help you.

Michelle Ribeiro

Michael Quay


My name is Michael Quay. I graduated from Georgia State University with a M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling in 1991. Initially, I worked with private sector workers’ compensation cases (primarily back injuries) then I was able to progress to serving as the Crisis Intervention Coordinator for a Public Mental Health Center. Here I coordinated the center’s emergency services which included consults to local jails & hospitals to evaluate primarily depression and suicide. In addition, I carried a caseload of 35-40 adults with a variety of mental health diagnoses.

Over the years I developed an ability to work with borderline personality disorders due to their high frequency of using the center’s emergency line. After five years I moved on to serve as the clinical coordinator for a hospital  based geriatric psychiatric day treatment program. Most of the clients were 65-90 and suffered depression and anxiety.  The next two years I had the privilege of serving as the Children’s Pastor (Birth to 5th Grade) for a church with a Sunday attendance of about 1500.

Over the next year I was ministering in Angeles City, Philippines as a missionary working with local church children’s workers. Finally, from 2003-2012 I had the honor to work as a School Based Behavioral Specialist (SBBH now SBS) working for the Hawaii Department of Education at three High/Intermediate Schools in East Hawaii. Most of my clients were Special Education, Oppositional-Defiant with A.D.D. My caseload was almost exclusively male & these were my favorite clients of all.

I was a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (C.R.C.) from 1991 to 2001. Also I was a Nationally Certified Counselor (N.C.C.) from 1996 to 2004. Those same years (1996-2004); I was a Licensed Professional Counselor (L.P.C.) in the State of Alabama. Recently, I became a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (L.M.H.C.) in the State of Hawaii.

Among my interests professionally are depression, anxiety, A.D.D./Defiant Teens (especially males), families who have end of life issues with parents, marital counseling, & life care planning (not estate planning BUT working out your life plan). I am more of a person-centered therapist who believes YOU are the expert on your life. I do cognitive-behavioral mostly with teens & children. In addition to my years as a mental health professional, I am a U.S. Army Captain, Retired; who had the honor to go to Airborne School.

Lilu Linares – Therapy Dog

This was written on behalf of Lilu: Hi! I am a super friendly 5-year-old English bulldog. I super love meeting people and often do a prancing welcome dance for people I get to hang out with. I don’t usually like clothing, but this picture of me in my 2016 Halloween ladybug costume is too cute not to use. My life is pretty great, and I know lots of tricks. I may be five human years old, but everyone tells my parents how I have a puppy attitude because I like to play, and I am so friendly with both adults and kids.

Still, life has at times been a little “ruff” at times. I was the smallest of my mom’s litter and the last to get adopted. My type of breed usually has curly tails, but I had to have mine removed. It was curled to tight and hurt a lot. I also sometimes get what people call “cherry eye” and have to go the vet and get poked and scraped to get it fixed, and I don’t even want to talk about the ear infections I sometimes get. When my family wanted to come to Hawaii, I had to get surgery so that I would be able to fly and had to have my pallet shortened to breathe better. Still, despite the ups and downs I sometimes have to put up with, I try to keep happy with games of tug a war, and lots of cuddles.

I hope I get to meet you soon!