Serenity Knows that in this time of uncertainty and mass media a lot of information is going around about the COVID-19 VIRUS and these issues can raise our feelings of stress and anxiety.

We are committed to our clients on going care and do offer online services on request. In our offices we are making sure that;

A. We wipe down with disinfectant all commonly touched surfaces daily.
B. Spray disinfectant in the office daily.
C. Make sure that all staff wash hands regularly.
D. We use UVC rays with no ozone to disinfect the air and all surfaces in the office each morning and at night.

Serenity recommends you get your facts directly from the Word Health Organization website at

Some tangible things you can do to reduce your risk of exposure are:

1. Wash your hands regularly
2. Use disinfectant on commonly touched surfaces
3. Buy a home UVC no Ozone light system
4. Buy/replace home air filters

For your or your loved ones stress and anxiety try:

1. Breathing techniques
2. Stretching your arms, legs, and back when feeling anxious
3. Read a book or watch a fun TV show
4. Listen to calming and relaxing music
5. Write down your positive expectations of what you will do when this virus is not an issue for the world
6. Chew Gum – Its hard to be anxious and chewing at the same time as we do not often “eat” and panic. Do not use real food or you will probably gain weight
7. Check the news no more than 1x a day or not at all
8. Try aromatherapy. Lavender to relax and citrus for happier mood
9. Play a video game on your phone or home entertainment system
10. Partispate in social distancing but stay social by calling your family and freinds
Keep in mind that while serious, this virus is mostly dangerous for the those with heath conditions and the elderly.

If you do not fall in to those categories you may have a loved one who does.

For this reason you and many others in the world are now taking things seriously in an effort to stop the spread of this virus and keep your loved ones safe.

Even those who are not at risk want to feel safe and prepared and as such many people are buying all the food and toilet paper but do your best to remember that other peoples anxiety does not need to be your anxiety.