Contracting Careers

ATTN: Physicians, Psychiatrists, Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers, Therapists, Chiropractors,

All Practitioners of the Healing Arts

Serenity Counseling Services Hawaii and Med BOSS Consulting can help you keep or start your practice during this difficult time. Our support services model allows you to see clients using our integrated Telehealth and EHR system and allows you to provide a superior level of customer service at a fraction of the normal cost! Our network of physicians and mental health professional all work together to provide a distinctive and effective model significantly lowering your costs while at the same time providing better coordinated care for maintaining the health and wellness of your patients.

This new practice management model we use has been gaining momentum over the last year, as changes in healthcare have continued to emerge we are uniquely positioned to help providers and other practices during this difficult time.

We Can Provide ….

Call Center Services Including:

Answering & Messaging Service
Scheduling & Rescheduling Services
New Patient Registration Services
Referral and Authorization Management
Virtual Receptionist

Billing and Claims Processing Services Including:

Claims Processing
Billing and Coding Services
Patient Statements
Full Revenue Cycle Management

Back Office Support

Virtual Scribe
Medical Records Request Processing
Medical Staff Support

Contracting and Credentialing Services

Corporate Contracting
Insurance Enrollment Contracting
CAQH Maintenance
PECOS Enrollment and Maintenance
Medical and Medicaid Enrollment for Groups and Individuals

Marketing and Development Services

Website design
Website Maintenance
SEO Optimization
Social Media Management

From providing a virtual team of support in your existing location to joining one of our locations with full onsite support. The choice is yours!
This allows you as a provider to have more free time, less stress and a more profitable practice now and in the future by reducing your costs!

For those that want to start their own practice we can help! We provide start up services and overall practice support that allows you to operate at a fraction of your colleagues costs. In some cases, we can even provide you with office space and virtual office staff as well as a regional manager to oversee all your marketing and equipment needs in select markets. Give us a call, we will consider all markets depending on practice size and previous earnings.

Do not miss your chance to join our experienced team. We will only be on boarding a limited number of providers so that we can insure the best possible service. Our market reach will focus on Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Florida where we are currently operating but we will consider other locations. Serenity can be your main source of income (“full time”) or a supplement to your current work at competitive wages. Other benifits include;

Focus on Counseling

Relax, with us there is no need to worry about overhead costs such as rent, marketing, or billing, support or other operations. Let us handle the fees and paperwork so you can focus on what you do best!

Work Flexibility

Work from the comfort of your home on your own schedule.

Complete Package

Forget about downloading and installing some third party software. We’ll provide the tools that will allow you to excel at your profession. With our integrated platform we can provide you with State of the Art Telehealth Services to your patients via their smart phone or computer from your smart phone or computer.

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